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Fatty Banger
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Location:The Bearing Straight
Member Since: May 2006
December 20, 2011 5:46:40 pm
re: Re-fi
The ranges of rates are as follows.

30 fx: 3.75% to 4.25%: current 30 fx average is 3.92%
5/1: 2.63% to 3.61%
7/1: 2.75% to 3.6%
10 fx 2.87% to 3.78%
15 fx: 3.12 to 10.16%

It looks like looks like your LTV is right at 95%, but it may drop down to 90% or less depending on ultimate value. We can structure the terms so that you won't have to come out of pocket with any money. Obviously, there is no "free" loan, but with a much lower rate and a 1-2 month deferral on your current mortgage and a potential escrow refund, you should still be well ahead after all is said and done.

I can't ethically give you a rate, neither can anybody else, without filling out a complete application. With your credit score, if we can work on the LTV, I think we can get past PMI. I know we can get you in the range of rates depending on the overall information and which product you choose.

If you're interested you can email the particulars to Please register to see emails in posts.. The particulars include address, employer and/or income source, how long at house, your email, phone numbers, SSN, any children, DOB

Once I have that info I will also need you to fax or email me copies of your driver's license, most recent W-2, and most recent paystub.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Please register to see emails in posts.
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