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Dan Snyder -> Your Favorite Memory Or Story Relating To Snyder
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October 6, 2003 2:39:49 am
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Your Favorite Memory Or Story Relating To Snyder
It may be a little too early because it hasn't all sunk in yet for some, but I really think sharing our favorite stories, encounters, or memories of Dan would help all of us cope a little better.

I was talking to Poster about maybe a board get together where we could bring photos and the like and share with each other, grieve together. Not neccessarily at a game although it'd be the most likely place. If you guys are interested, please, let's make some plans and help each other get through this. Friends are the best thing to have in times like this.

My favorite memory of Snyder? Without doubt the night he retaliated on Sami Salo. It was the first time a player in our organization actually stuck up for another team-mate when they were run. That turned me onto him, and the way he played following that really showed me how fearless he was and it made me grow to love him as a player even more. When he fought Lindros and absolutely got under his skin in NY, it was the greatest thing ever to me. A little pest of a guy Snyder was, he managed to tick off the hulky star center and if I recall Eric was kicked out of the game?

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November 21, 2003 1:52:13 am
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As being a Chicago fan I have many memories of Danny Snyder. My first memory was when Eric Reitz-from the Houston Aeros and Dan got in a "Fight" -Danny fight?. Dan got his jersey ripped off and it was on tv up here in Chicago. My second was his reletionship with Ben Simon-although I did not see any of it,there was an article published in a newspaper sometime last season about it. Thirdly it is my personal experience with Danny. The Wolfpack Booster Club had all told me that Dan Snyder was at the game-it was a playoff game and I had luckily bought my camera. I was scared to go see Danny alone so I took a bunch of people with me and one of my friends introuduced me to him. I had entered a state I had never been in before. To me Dan Snyder was everything. He signed an autograph for me and theres an even a cute story with a pen he couldnt get the top off so here's me and Danny Snyder trying to rip the top off of this black marker-it was great. We got our picture taken together and now that picture never leaves my bedside.

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