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Dan Snyder -> Dan Snyder Remembrance Ribbons
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October 7, 2003 11:47:28 am
  StrongBad's Little Sister

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Dan Snyder Remembrance Ribbons
I started a new thread since it was getting a little confusing looking on the second page for the list, and with all the planning talk I wanted to be clear on what this is.

Remembrance Ribbons are being made, in the style of an 'awareness' ribbon (see picture) for Dan Snyder. I was approached about doing something small that would show that he is in our hearts and thoughts. I found this to be an appropriate and very affordable option.

The ribbons are gold (athletic yellow) with a '#37' in burgendy printed with a heat transfer on the top part of the ribbon. The ribbon will come as a pin so that you can wear it repeatedly.

The cost to produce them is $0.58 each. I would appreciate it if people give me $1.00 each (feel free to give more) so that I don't have to deal with change. If you are buying several and don't want to donate through me, just make sure production cost is covered with your payment (i.e. if you are buying 10, $6 would cover costs.)

ALL money received over production costs will go to charities of the Snyder family's choosing. I will update this thread with charitable donation amounts - check back!

I will let them go (at $1 per pin) at the game on a first come, first serve basis to anyone attending. If you would like me to hold pins for you, you must PM me or reply to this email and get your name on the list below. I am doing my best, but please double check me and ensure that your name is on the list if you have requested them. I ordered 600 pins, and they are going fast. If there is interest, I will be ordering additional batches of pins.

I will be distributing the ribbons at the main entrance to Centennial Olympic Park between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. I will leave at 7:00 because I need time to get in the arena before anything starts. If you cannot make these times tomorrow, send me a PM to see if we can work out another time/area - to be clear, this other area will not be inside the arena. I am looking for a few volunteers to help during this time (a couple sizable men would be nice), PM me if you are available.

I will also print up small card-size pieces of paper for ordering information. The Thrashers have said that this would be alright to distribute inside the arena. If you would like some to give out to people who ask about your ribbons, they will be available. For those people not board members who would like to contact us via email, the information is below.

You can order at Please register to see emails in posts..
Please send the following information:
Desired delivery/pick up method
Address if applicable
Number of ribbons desired
Method of payment (if you want ribbons shipped, please include that in your payment)

I will only ship ribbons that I have received payment for. I will give you a PayPal address on request if that is your preferred method of payment.

Amount | Name | Delivery Method
2 | bent rider | game
3 | bizkit | game
3 | Cheapseats | game
5 | digger | mail
2 | fillupthetub | game
1 | hockeyjerk | mail
2 | hockeynutz | game
10 | icesk8tr | game
5 | KnightDawg | game
5 | MadKovalchuk17 | game
1 | mino | on hold
2 | Poster | game
3 | PuckWhore | game
2 | RangersIn Atl | game 10/14
4 | Stefan27 | game
5 | Thrashers1 | game
4 | ThrasherAngel | mail

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