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Dan Snyder -> Blatent self-plug
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October 18, 2003 12:58:33 am

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Blatent self-plug
As a part of my never-ending quest to edumacate my classmates on hockey, I managed to put in a call to the Milwaukee Admirals and talk to Ben Simon about Snyder and his experience through that tough time. Here's a link to the article, in case anyone's interested. Nothing you don't already know fact-wise, but a few semi-interesting quotes.

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October 19, 2003 3:22:52 pm
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I liked the story on Ben. He was here in Orlando for the Nashville camp...but it was the Tuesday after the accident. In the camp was another teammate of Dan's, Curtis Murphy and former Coach Horachek. I saw all 3 of them and we never talked about Dan. I was not going to bring it up, didn't think it would be proper. They all looked tired and had a sadness about them. The Tapper story was also sad. It has to be hard on all of them.

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Dan Snyder Tribute You will be missed.

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