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Collecting Stuff -> McFarlane collectors, sports fans, ---> eBay auctions up!!!!
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December 30, 2003 3:28:47 am
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McFarlane collectors, sports fans, ---> eBay auctions up!!!!
eBay auction up!
Bid on a MINT in Package Series 2 McFarlane Antawn Jamison NBA figure. It is almost impossible to find this one is stores any longer. Just click the link below to view or bid on this item.


How bout a NEW, RARE VARIANT of a series 6 Emmitt Smith with RED GLOVES?! Mint in package, not even in price books yet!


Also, bid on a framed picture of Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams (circa 1951)! Very rare item, click the link below.


There are more auctions being added daily!!! CHECK MY EBAY SELLER'S PAGE OFTEN!! ----> <---

Thank you!


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