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Collecting Stuff -> Anyone need some Kovy cards??
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January 21, 2004 12:01:07 am
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Anyone need some Kovy cards??
Hey, all - I bought a BIG lot of Kovalchuk cards down in Newnan last weekend, when I was visiting my girlfriend. I went a little nuts and ended up buying a bunch of cards I didn't realize I already had. If any other collectors out there need some Kovy singles to add to your collection, shoot me an email at Please register to see emails in posts. - we can arrange a trade or if you wanna just buy 'em off me, I take PayPal. Make me an offer!!

Here's what I got for ya:
02/03 Piece of History
02/03 SPx
02/03 UD (2 of them)
02/03 SP Authentic
02/03 Topps Total
02/03 UD Top Shelf


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