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Atlanta Thrashers -> Ok, just to clarify the way things generally are around here...
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February 10, 2003 8:42:11 am
  Board Turdmeister

Member Since: March, 2002
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Excellent analogy, CheapSeats. I'll drink to that.
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February 10, 2003 9:10:15 am
  Hall of Famer

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Shannonie spouted this nonsense...
Excellent analogy, CheapSeats. I'll drink to that.

This is already assumed, since you'll drink to anything!

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Rasp said...
It's a hockey game, not a try-out of American Idol.

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February 10, 2003 10:02:18 am
  Miss Stake

Member Since: November, 2002
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Shannonie spouted this nonsense...
Excellent analogy, CheapSeats. I'll drink to that.

I didn't mention that part about all conversations eventually turning to either sex or alcohol or both, another reason the analogy is apt.

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February 10, 2003 1:26:18 pm

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Member Since: November, 2002
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clambake spouted this nonsense...
cwsieben spouted this nonsense...
As long as we all stay mature and adult about it (which won't be a problem), it should turn out just fine.

A board run by Poster that includes mino, T-ville, Rasp, btn, me, etc. Your comment was a joke, right? The novelty of this board is that anyone can act just as immature and childish as humanly possible and still be accepted for the jackass they really are- not the other way around.

There is a lot of childish behavior, sure, but it's all in good fun. And done by adults willing to accept that of each other. When someone comes around spouting fire and talking trash, it's somewhat easy to spot and the regulars seem to make sure it doesn't get out of control, to keep a good thing going.

I fully expect the immature behavior to go on. Part of what makes this a great board, that you can say whatever the**** you want. The ones that know each other well already know the limits you can go to while still having fun; new fish like me can hopefully pick up on it.

Even though there is quite a bit of child-like behavior, I can see the maturity in these posts. Great place to vent some of that cause we can't always do it in the real world. That's kinda what I meant by being mature and adult about all this.

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ôHere's to alcohol: the cause of, and answer to, all of life's problems.ö
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