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Collecting Stuff -> McFarlane figures..
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March 31, 2003 3:27:22 pm
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McFarlane figures..
Dear friends and fellow Thrash fans,

I realize many of you may have your Kovalchuk
McFarlane figure - as I do - and love it very
much. I am also lucky enough to have a couple
of Michael Vick - and they too are soooo sweet.

Anyway, released today were lists for McFarlanes
next series in Football, Baseball and Hockey. 8
new hockey figures will be released - 4 new players
and 4 that have been released before - but will
be sculpted differently. Here is the list..

Mario Lemieux 2, Pittsburgh Penguins center, No. 66

Steve Yzerman 2, Detroit Red Wings center, No. 19

Curtis Joseph 2, Detroit Red Wings goalie, No. 31

Patrick Roy 2, Colorado Avalanche goalie, No. 33

Markus Naslund, Vancouver Canucks left wing, No. 19

Nikolai Khabibulin, Tampa Bay Lightning goalie, No. 35

Nicklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings defenseman, No. 5

Teemu Selanne, San Jose Sharks right wing, No. 8

NO DANY HEATLEY????? They thought - hey! we need
more CuJo figurines... but no Dany Heatley?

So, I have emailed the fine folks at McFarlane asking
them to reconsider this list. It is tentative and could
change - according to them.

So if you like the Heater as much as I do - and would
like to have a Heater McFarlane to go right next to
your Kovalchuk.. do us both a favor and write the
McFarlane folks a quick email today! If I get a response
from my email - I will post it here as well.

Please register to see emails in posts.



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