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Collecting Stuff -> Thrashers First Year Memorabilia
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December 21, 2002 4:58:11 pm
  4th Line Grinder

Location: Columbus,Georgia
Member Since: November, 2002
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Thrashers First Year Memorabilia
Here is my brief list of inaugural year goodies:
1.Opening night ticket and case x4
2.Opening night program x5
3.Opening night puck x1
4.Season ticket stubs from every home game
5.Programs from each home game
6.First year media guide
7.First year draft guide
8.Inaugural season mousepad(freebie vs.Pittsburgh)I kept mine!:-)You had to be there!
9.Very first merchandise catalog
10.Inuagural yearbook

This is just a sample of what I have collected so far,most of it was aquired via the internet. Thank god for my computer.
What about the rest of youse guy's?

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December 23, 2002 3:06:03 am
  2nd Line Scorer

Member Since: November, 2002
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You've got 5 opening night progs?

I've got a ton of extra progs from numerous games this season.

Hmmm....... let's make a deal!

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February 13, 2003 6:18:19 pm
  Jr. Prospect

Location: Straight out of Compton
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I have a INaugural season bumper sticker that is brand new and on display in my room. I wish I could get one of those programs. Very cool collection, I would have more but I don't live in Atlanta.
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