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Atlanta Thrashers -> The All Star game needs fixing, according to this writer
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January 31, 2011 2:16:47 pm
  Internet Guro

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The All Star game needs fixing, according to this writer
The skills competition can have some mildly entertaining moments -- you only watch the goalie race for the crashes -- but even the people involved in the shootout at the end seemed to lose interest in the blur of breakaway after breakaway and whatever way they kept score. My DVR menu replaced the eye with a middle finger. There was a message box that gave me the choice: “Delete this program’’ or “Wash your eyes with kerosene.’’

The skills competition has become so numbing and annoying and such a point of avoidance that you’d think it was the NBA.

And then came the actual game, which only seemed to be a more crowded version of the skills competition. Again, as always, the hockey game included a lack of hockey. Just to be clear here, what makes hockey a great sport is thrill of speed vs. the threat of muscle. Great plays are great plays because they are executed at amazing speed while avoiding a face full of glass or a chestful of Zdeno Chara.

But All-Star Games have been pond hockey for a long time. Last team with the puck wins. What’s worse, even the fast part of the game wasn’t fast. The players weren’t moving anywhere close to top speed. Everybody got a turn with the puck, like it was rat hockey in August.

The article includes the writer's ideas on how to fix the game.

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February 1, 2011 7:13:27 am
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I agree the skills competition is dumb through-and-through and ought to go the way of the glowing puck but the All-Star Game itself is fine the way it is. I enjoy the wide-open play personally and it's only one game a year. Those who prefer to see the skill and physical play on equal footing (myself included) can enjoy any one of the other 1,300+ regular season and playoff games every year.
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February 1, 2011 7:59:32 am
  High-Class low-life

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I liked the format they used for the game. It was a nice change of pace seeing a lot of new, younger faces. Cam Ward mic'd up was a hoot.

Doc Emereck: "Over the last few years, these games see an average of about 15 goals scored."
Cam Ward: "Oh man. Like I needed to hear that."

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