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Atlanta Thrashers -> So....about time to start focusing on the draft.
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  behind the net
February 23, 2011 11:21:25 pm
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So....about time to start focusing on the draft.
Do you think our scouts look for players with a high quit factor? It will help them fit in with the boys on the NHL roster down the line.
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February 24, 2011 4:12:55 am
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I just don't know what the **** happened to this team. Such a promising start and now the wheels have just fallen off! Did they exhaust Pavelic by allowing him to face SOO many shots early on? Or was he just playing over his head the whole first half?
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February 24, 2011 12:13:30 pm
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Its February! Time for the annual Thrashers slide down the standings. Worse, they will probably finish just out of the top 16 again, insuring NO CHANCE for a top pick.

At least they gave up on the abomination known as Boris Valibik.

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February 27, 2011 9:10:19 pm
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ohh come on we know exactly what happened to the team. they went to the circus a few too many times.
*sigh* this year i was really kinda hoping not to have the annual implosion but alas we did. my thinking on this however is twofold. i think we had the sorta implosion start than the injuries kicked in. definate start of implosion and it also seriously showed the faults with the team (feaceoff circle, etc). BUT i think there was a secondary implosion which really is what got things derailed. the ownership announcement of intent to sell and all the rest of that crap. just when everyone thought it was just a rough skid.. got kicked in the nads with the item of ownership doesnt give a rats ass... think that is more of the issue. psychological yes but probably more important.

me i would LOVE to be able to interview the team on a one on one basis just to ask them questions along these lines. not to publish etc but just for my own information.

but if ya notice the last few games (say 5 or so) while there wasnt a win the effort started to get better. it seemed like people were working to make up for the issues with having ppl out (ok so enstrom was also back) and slowly the drive just seemed to be winding up and just had some issues getting it in gear.

would like to see what happens after todays win against toronto. not the best win but looking at it from the mediochre down by 2 first period to clicking in the second and hitting high gear in the third while pretty effectively dominating the crap outa the leafs. not bad all in all.

lets just see what happens the rest of this homestand run. this is what kicked it up in the fall maybe this is what we need to kick it in for the last 19 games.

and yes i am a complete and utter optimist.

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