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Atlanta Thrashers -> At least they had the decency to stop selling tickets on the website
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June 1, 2011 2:30:34 pm
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At least they had the decency to stop selling tickets on the website
On the website, they at least had the decency to stop fleecing fans for ticket money.

The "Ticket Information" web page has been replaced with the following text:

With the recent announcement that the Atlanta Thrashers have signed an asset purchase agreement with True North Sports and Entertainment for the potential sale and relocation of the team for the 2011-12 season, there are a number of important updates about your Thrashers account.

The NHL Board of Governors still needs to approve the sale and approve the relocation of the Thrashers.

Until the NHL Board of Governors votes, all new Thrashers season ticket sales have been suspended.

While we are not issuing refunds until NHL Board of Governors approves the relocation, we will suspend current payment plans until we have the results from the NHL Board of Governors vote.

In the event that the sale and relocation is not approved, payment plans will be extended by one month.

If the NHL Board of Governors approves the relocation to Winnipeg and the Thrashers do not play hockey in Atlanta you will be able to obtain a full 100% refund at that point.

Thank you for your patience during this process and thank you for your support of Atlanta Thrashers hockey.

For those of us who had already put down a deposit on (or paid in full for) next season's tickets, the website is completely inactive. It links you to a placeholder webpage. I gotta go back now and check to see how much they've charged me so far.

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